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Traditionally Yoga has been taught one-on-one or in small group settings so that students receive maximum benefit from each pose under the teacher’s careful watch and guidance. Private or small group Yoga Sessions provide an excellent way to learn this intricate practice, giving you the knowledge and confidence that you are doing everything correctly, with sessions specifically tailored to your body and needs.

Why not experience the beauty of Maui with an Outdoor Yoga Session? This is the perfect Maui experience: feel the warm breeze on your skin, watch the rolling waves of the ocean and feel the sand between your toes as you lengthen, strengthen and relax with Yoga. What a great idea for your Bachelorette party, family gathering or sunrise experience!

Private In Home Sessions

*Additional travel charges may apply depending on your location*

Single Sessions
$100/hour (+tax)
6 Session Package:
$550 (+tax)
12 Session Package:
$1000 (+ tax)

Semi Private Sessions

Single Session
$60 per person (+tax)
6 Session Package:
$55 per person ($330/person, + tax)
12 Session Package: $50 per person ($600/person, +tax)


7 week series: Sept 12-Oct 24th

Tap into the rhythm of nature as we explore the themes of the Fall season through our Yoga practice. Together we will:

  • shed layers of tension to help you get your body get strong and flexible

  • heighten your body awareness to improve your posture

  • increase core stability to reduce back, neck and shoulder pain

  • harvest the fruits of your practice with boosted energy and Vitality



September 12th-October 24th
Tuesdays 4:45-5:55 p.m.
$105 for the series or $18/class.
Space is limited so save your spot by pre-registering by calling 808-276-9490

Maui Flow into Fall Yoga Series classes are held at Maiden Health (1995 Main St, Wailuku HI 96763 – 2nd floor).

***For all group classes please call ahead (808-276-9490) to reserve your spot***

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