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Maui Group Class Schedule

Yoga: Tuesdays from 4:45-5:55 p.m. at Maiden Health (1995 Main St., Unit 2D, Wailuku HI 96763)

Strong and Steady Yoga Series starting July 10th

8 Week Series to enhance balance and control:

  • activate and strengthen powerful deep core muscles
  • deepen self and body awareness to find stillness and calm
  • cultivate steadiness of mind through meditation and breath work

Tuesdays from 4:45-5:55pm, July 10th to August 28th

$125 (plus tax) for the whole Series

Call (808-276-9490) to reserve your spot

Classes are located at Maiden Health (1995 Main St 2D in Wailuku)

Photo by: Cadencia Photography

***For all group classes please call ahead (808-276-9490) to reserve a spot***

Workplace Wellness Sessions

Are you an employer or a team that is looking for a great way to increase workplace productivity, improve employee health and happiness and foster a healthy workplace? Workplace Wellness Sessions are a fantastic way to give your staff the chance to move, stretch and strengthen their bodies as well as quieting and focusing their mind to help manage stress and enhance concentration. Sessions are completely customizable to suit your team, but here are some popular ones: Breathe Deeply Sessions, Lunchtime Yoga, Vitality Lunch Session, Afternoon Meditation/Movement Breaks, Pau Hana Yoga.

For more information about these and other offerings, visit Workplace Wellness.

stretch at workYoga at Work

Empower your team with tools to stretch, breathe and relax right at their desks with YOGA AT WORK. This workshop will teach yourself and your staff easy to do Yoga poses that can be done in just a few moments to help improve their posture, release tension and increase their energy. The benefits of these are numerous for both your staff and your bottom line as even just a few moments of deep breathing and stretching are shown to: increase productivity, boost health (short and long term), improve stress response and employee inter relations, enhance employee retention and job satisfaction. YOGA AT WORK is available as a stand alone workshop or an ongoing class taught in house. Email: for more info or to set up a free 20 minute demo.

Yoga Sessions

Traditionally Yoga has been taught one on one or in small group settings so that the student receives maximum benefit from each pose under the careful watch and guidance of their teacher. Private or small group Yoga Sessions will offer you an excellent way to learn this intricate practice, giving you the knowledge and confidence that you are doing everything correctly and sessions that are specifically tailored to your body and your needs.

Why not experience the beauty of Maui with an Outdoor Yoga Session? This is the perfect Maui experience: feel the warm breeze on your skin, watch the rolling waves of the ocean and feel the sand between your toes as you lengthen, strengthen and relax with Yoga. What a great idea for your Bachelorette party, family gathering or sunrise experience!


To help you dive deeper into your practice and increase your Vitality, Megan often offers workshops on a variety of topics!  Workshop sizes are limited to give everyone personalized attention, so please call ahead to reserve your spot. Stay tuned for more information about upcoming workshops.

Private In Home Sessions

Single Sessions
$90/hour (+tax)
6 Session Package:
$500 (+tax)
12 Session Package:
$900 (+ tax)

Semi Private Sessions

Single Session
$60 per person (+tax)
6 Session Package:
$55 per person ($330/person, + tax)
12 Session Package: $50 per person ($600/person, +tax)

Group Classes

Drop in $18
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