Vitality is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as the state of being strong, active, energetic and full of life. This is the ideal state of being because it means that we are living life to its fullest while feeling healthy, happy and vibrant!

Maui Personal Trainer + Maui Yoga Teacher

It is my passion and purpose to help you achieve this youthful state of body, mind and spirit with a customized blend of Yoga, Strength and Cardiovascular Training, Pilates, and Nutritional Guidance. Combining all of these aspects, I can help you consistently enhance your levels of strength, flexibility and mobility to enjoy full health and Vitality now and for many years to come.

maui personal trainerMaui Fitness Coaching & Support For:

Losing weight
Reducing stress
Increasing strength
Improving flexibility

Mobile Fitness Trainer + Maui Fitness Classes

Convenience of sessions at your own home, condo or workplace. Inquire about private yoga classes, mobile personal trainer, small group workout classes, beach workouts / beach yoga privates, etc.

Over the years I have learned how to help myself and many other people recover from injuries, manage and alleviate aches and pains of all sorts, and feel confident, empowered and energized. It’s my honor to help you feel the same way!

I look forward to meeting and assisting you.

With Gratitude and Aloha,

Best Yoga Teacher Maui

Out of hundreds of Maui yoga teachers, Megan Nolan wins 5% of the vote for Maui’s Best Yoga Teacher in MauiTime.

2018 Runner Up
Megan Nolan

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