Maui Fitness Trainer + Yoga Teacher

maui yoga teacherCERTIFICATIONS:

  • A.F.A.A. Personal Training Certification
  • 250 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification

As a Personal Trainer and a Yoga Teacher, Megan offers clients and students a wide variety of training tools and techniques to support their needs and goals. Megan seeks to empower her clients with knowledge and encouragement, offering support and motivation, and helping them transform on all levels: mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

How I help my clients:

maui yoga privatesTo maximize the benefits of exercise, I introduce the guiding principles of Yoga (postural and breath awareness, mindful movement, and cultivating self knowledge) with amazing results for my clients. I have personally witnessed Yoga’s profound benefits on the human body physically and also systemically (through balancing effects on hormonal and structural systems) and mentally (through positive effects on sleep, stress levels and emotional state).

Over the years I have learned how to help myself and many other people recover from injuries, manage and alleviate aches and pains of all sorts, and feel confident, empowered and energized.

The obvious benefits of consistent fitness may include toned arms, lean body and tight tush, etc, but I believe that those are secondary to feeling great everyday, waking up with energy and drive to engage with life, and knowing that we are taking care of our body and selves on all levels, inside and out!

After sessions, I my clients tell me that they feel: inspired, empowered, energized, youthful, healthy, calm, focused, steady and strong. It’s my honor to help you feel the same way! I look forward to meeting and assisting you.

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With Gratitude and Aloha,

Maui Personal Trainer

Background & History

maui yoga teacher

My journey as a wellness professional had an interesting start with the completion of a degree in Gerontology from the University of Guelph in 2003. This degree explored the human experience of aging from a variety of perspectives including: psychological, sociological, biological and physiological. Examining this complex subject from different viewpoints was quite interesting, especially when it became clear that they all agreed that exercise is a powerful way to maintain our health and quality of life as we age.

Exercise—considered by many to be the fountain of youth because of its positive effects on weight, hormones, mood, mobility and so much morein all its different forms is a potent way for us to thrive throughout our life span.

I was delighted to learn of exercise’s validation as the ‘fountain of youth’ as exercise and dance had always been a part of my life! Having practiced many forms of movement (dance, running, weight training, martial arts, Yoga), I have always enjoyed the challenge of exercise and the graceful awareness it brings. At this point I was excited to have found a way to combine the new wealth of knowledge I had just acquired with my degree with my lifelong love of movement and exercise.

maui yoga teacherIn May of 2005 I completed my Personal Trainer Certification, which give me a powerful set of tools to help people gain new strength, power and well-being. While I enjoyed introducing people to the benefits of cardiovascular and muscular strength, it puzzled me that so many trainers in the industry placed minimal value on flexibility. Given how important mobility is for our quality of life, it became clear to me that this was an area I wanted to learn more about. This lead to me completing my Yoga Teacher Certification in March of 2006 which began the next chapter in my career.

After learning more about the intricacy of the body and all its many layers in my teacher training, I was very inspired to shift my approach to movement and exercise. This is what led me to my current style of  teaching: combining the physical and more subtle aspects of Yoga and exercise to empower people with tools to help them feel better inside and out!

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