Take a Yoga Break right at your desk with Yoga at My Desk!

Sometimes our work day is so busy that it is hard to get away to take a break. Yoga at My Desk allows you to take a time out right at your desk to move your body and quiet your mind! Each video has a unique focus so that you can choose what you need right now to best take care of yourself.

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As a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor with over 13 years of experience I have specially designed these sessions to help you balance the effects of long hours of sitting at a desk on levels: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Doing these videos throughout your week to integrate regular movement and deep breathing will help you:

  • improve your posture by activating core muscles all over your body
  • stretch areas of tension to reduce pain and discomfort
  • lower stress levels to help you handle challenges gracefully
  • boost your productivity, mood and energy levels
  • reduce your risk of injury due to postural issues
  • get sick less often due to an enhanced immune system and better sleep quality
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