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For every $1 invested in Workplace Wellness, a company can expect
$3 in cost savings or benefits.

(Univ. of Michigan Research Center)

With more people focusing on making healthy lifestyle choices both at home and at work, we are seeing more companies introducing Workplace Wellness programs. These offerings can include a wide variety of things such as breathing and stretch breaks to Lunchtime group workout sessions.

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Once introduced, Workplace Wellness initiatives have a host of benefits including:


  • Reduced Stress and Tension
  • Improved Strength and Flexibility
  • Enhanced Focus and Concentration
  • Increased Energy and Job Satisfaction
  • Better Posture, Decreased Pain Levels


  • Boosted Productivity, Lower Absenteeism
  • Savings on Health Care Costs
  • Happier, Healthier Employees
  • Fewer on the Job Injuries
  • Reduced Staff Turnover

Would you like to help your team be healthier, happy and more productive?  

With a wide variety of Wellness Services available, all of which are completely customizable for your needs and budget, I am certain that together we can create the perfect Wellness Program for your team. In order to determine what would work best for you, I am happy to offer an on-site consultation to design a program that works for your team goals, space requirements and daily schedule.

Contact me at or 808 276 9490 to book a complimentary 20 minute Yoga at Work demo!



“For me the best part of our Monday morning Yoga sessions is starting off the week right! Learning stretches for the neck and upper back has been a new experience – and so useful. Not to mention, our office yoga sessions help to set that reminder to breathe and de-stress during the week.”
Holly from Sae Design


Stretch Break
Our bodies are designed to move, which allows for a frequent stretching and activating of our muscles. However, much of our modern life requires us to be stationary (sitting in a car, at a desk etc). Building stretch breaks into your day is a great way to loosen up all major muscle groups and help your body do all the tasks you need it to safely and comfortably.  

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Breathing Break
When we are focused on a task or under any stress our breathing can become shallow and restricted. However, when we learn to breathe properly we can use this powerful tool to reduce stress and induce calm in any situation. Take a breathing break to oxygenate your body to enhance your focus and boost your productivity! These breaks can also include other relaxation and mediation techniques to help you feel centered and grounded.

Yoga at Work
Yoga offers us a powerful set of tools and techniques that we can do anywhere to strengthen and lengthen our body, while calming and focusing our mind. Even with just a few short minutes of focused awareness, deep breaths and moving our body into different poses people notice a decrease in stress levels, a boost in mood and less discomfort in their bodies. These sessions are customized to meets the needs and requests of your team!

Yoga/Stretch at Your Desk
With so much to do everyday it can often feel like we don’t even have time to step away from our desks at all. So why not learn stretches you can do right at your desk to relax neck and shoulder tension, boost your core strength and increase your focus? These innovative sessions will help you learn stretches and Yoga techniques to help balance the effects of sitting for extended lengths of time.  Yoga/Stretch at Your Desk can be done as a stand alone workshop or an on-going class. Learn some stretches you can do right now here.

Customized Stretch Session
Take a few minutes to move, breathe and stretch without even leaving your workstation! Often we are so busy at work that it makes it hard to get to a class so why not sneak in some stretches whenever you have a few minutes? By making use of what you have available right in your workspace (desk, chair, walls etc), I will work with you to create a Customized Stretch Session tailored to your specific areas of tension. Includes a your own personalized PDF with photos and step by step instructions for your reference.

Train the Trainer Sessions
Would you like to have a member of your team lead ongoing daily or weekly Stretch sessions for your team? Train the Trainer sessions will give them all the tools that need to feel comfortable and confident in leading others through a session. Working with your staff, I will design a Customized Stretch Session that suits your needs, goals and workspace. I will guide your team leader through it, giving them step by step instructions on how to lead the team through on their own. They will also receive handouts and teaching cues for future reference, plus I am always available for ongoing support online. Train the Trainer Sessions are a great way to empower and inspire your team leaders!

Looking to dive deeper into a Health related topic? Workshops are a great team building and educational opportunity for your staff! Workshops can be anywhere from thirty minutes to two hours in length, choose from topics below or have Megan customize one for your team.

Workshop options are:

  • De-Stress at Your Desk: Learn key techniques and stretches to lower stress and tension levels through breathing and postural awareness to stay happy, healthy and energized. For more info click here
  • Yoga at Your Desk: Learn stretches you can do right at your desk to promote good posture, lower tension and stress levels so you feel more energized and productive
  • Breathe Deeply: Deep, diaphragmatic breathing is considered the number one tool for lowering stress by the American Institute of Stress. Learn how to use your breath to quiet and focus your mind to promote clarity and calm as you lower your stress level, for more info click here
  • Sit and Stand Tall: Learn techniques and stretches to balance the effects of sitting, boost core strength and decrease back pain
  • Yoga for Happy Hips: Stretch and strengthen this key area to maintain healthy hips and spine
  • Yoga for a Healthy Back: Learn key movements and stretches to wake up your core muscles, increase flexibility and release areas of tension to keep your back strong and supported

Lunchtime Yoga / Pau Hana Yoga 
Yoga is a non-denominational practice that helps people learn to internalize their attention to enhance their body awareness and learn to quiet the busy-ness of their mind. Spend 30-60 minutes diving into this amazing and inspirational practice that  energizes your body, rejuvenates energy and focus the mind. These all level sessions can be gentle and slow moving (can even be done in work clothes) or more active and invigorating (would need to be done in workout clothes).

Lunchtime / Pau Hana Vitality Sessions
Are you ready for a workout that gives you: Cardio, Core Work, Strength Training and Yoga all in one session? Thats a Vitality Session! Guided by the principles of Yoga (breath and postural awareness, mind/body connection and focused attention) and designed to get your heart pumping and your muscles strong and lean, these sessions give a great, well- rounded workout in one 30-60 minute session.


Yoga at My Desk Online Video Series   

Want to take a Yoga Break on your own time? Then the Yoga at My Desk video series is perfect! This online series consists of ten videos each about ten minutes long with it’s own unique focus. There is a wide selection to choose from such as neck and shoulder release, boost of energy, core strengthener, headache reliever and lots more so you are sure to get what you need. Each video is customized with different stretches, strengthening exercises, relaxation techniques and breath work so that you can choose exactly what you need for your Yoga Break that day.


“Megan is absolutely amazing! Yoga has helped me to be more flexible, have better posture, find clarity in my mind, and learn to use breathing techniques throughout my daily life. I love how Megan combines the stretching exercises with strengthening exercises. I really feel like I get a great workout during her sessions. And after attending her yoga sessions I feel completely calm and relaxed, ready to take on any tasks that need my attention whether it be at work or at home.”
Keli from Dowling Corporation


“Megan is the BEST! She is professional, yet personable. Megan is also very punctual, knowledgable, patient, and fun!  No matter what the skill level, Megan is so great at encouraging our employees to do as much as comfortable. There is no pressure because Yoga is a practice, and with her we are practicing to get better!”

Jamie from Maui County Federal Credit Union


*Suggested time for “Breaks” is 15-20 minutes, can be done pre or mid shift*
*All options can be tailored to suit your needs and workplace*
*Prices are based on session length and frequency*

A variety of packages available to suit your needs and budget!


by calling: 808 276 9490 or emailing:

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