Vitality Sessions

These fitness sessions are a unique blend of the many of key elements of health and wellness combined to help you grow younger, healthier and more vibrant. Each class includes:

  • Yoga stretches: To enhance bodily awareness, flexibility and mobility

  • Pilates exercises: To improve core strength and balance as well as reduce/prevent back pain

  • Cardio exercisesTo maintain heart health and healthy weight

  • Strength training: To increase lean muscle mass and bone density and tone & tighten all over

  • Wellness tips and tricks: Nutritional and lifestyle suggestions to enhance your health

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private fitness training

Maui Private Fitness Sessions + Mobile Fitness Coach

Vitality Sessions can be private or with semi-private making them the perfect way to receive the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer/Yoga Instructor in the comfort of your own home or hotel whether alone or with friends/spouse/group. Based on your needs, goals and desires, each each one hour session will integrate Yoga stretches, Pilates and Cardio Exercises, Strength Training and Wellness Tips and Tricks!

Call (808-276-9490) to book private fitness sessions on Maui.

Private In Home Sessions

*Additional travel charges may apply depending on your location*

Single Sessions
$90/hour (+tax)
6 Session Package:
$500 (+tax)
12 Session Package:
$900 (+ tax)

Semi Private Sessions

Single Session
$60 per person (+tax)
6 Session Package:
$55 per person ($330/person, + tax)
12 Session Package: $50 per person ($600/person, +tax)


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